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Through my life, I have always felt art is a perfect way to bring happiness into a person's life. I spent a lot of time creating pieces to make myself and others smile. This site is a simple method I am using to reach other people all around. I hope many are able to find the joy I see in my work. This joy can be taken in by yourself or you can share a piece as a gift for another. I hope you find what you're looking for in one of these paintings. I want to bring at least a tiny smile to someone's face with my work. I bet that smile could be yours if you look hard enough!

I love this painting! And it arrived faster than expected.

Sarah Malluck
Shopper through Etsy

Super cute! My niece will love it! Thank you!

Shopper through Etsy

About the Owner

Shelby Boyde

store owner

Simple Silhouettes & Wonderful Words was created through a dream of art. Paintings in this shop grew from one woman's dreams and desire to create. Shelby's childhood was spent drawing up images she wanted to see in the world. The idea of selling these creations was far from reachable in her eyes. Now she is opening this shop and stomping down on those doubts. When Shelby's hands aren't covered in paint, she enjoys reading or writing her own novels. Creating is a strong factor of her life.